Drug Charges

Criminal Defense Attorney for Drug Charges

A conviction of a drug charge, even a misdemeanor, can seriously impact your life. Our state law provides a wide range of discretion in punishment for drug offenders. A first time offender, for just a simple possession, could be facing probation, community service, court ordered rehabilitation, fines, court costs, and in some circumstances jail time. In addition, a conviction for a drug offense can lead to loss of driving privileges, loss of benefits, and the inability to obtain employment.

I have experience in representing people charged with:

  • Drug possession: methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, prescription pills and more.
  • Manufacture and distribution of a controlled substances
  • Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
  • School Zone drug offenses
  • Civil seizure/civil forfeiture

I handle cases in Van Zandt County, Rains County, Wood County, Kaufman County, Smith County, Hunt County, Dallas County and throughout East Texas.

Very Important:

Do not under any circumstance speak with law enforcement officers, investigators, attorneys for the State or Federal Government without having a lawyer present with you. These officials may tell you that you can make things easier on yourself by talking. Most of the time the officials have already investigated the matter and are only wanting to talk to you to confirm information already known to them or help make their case against you. By hiring a lawyer at an early as possible you can help ensure that your rights are not violated by these officials and that you are protected. Always remember that if you ever think you need an attorney with you, you do.

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